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Real 12 Step Recovery, Getting and Staying Clean and Sober
WELCOME Hi There, this blog will be about what I believe to be REAL RECOVERY not band aids or feel good BS These are the hard cold true facts that I have learned and been taught by OLD TIMERS and People WHO HAVE REMAINED CLEAN and SOBER and "GOT A LIFE".There will be no original thoughts here, Because in essence there are no original thoughts only perhaps originals and/or different ways to present or illustrate old Ideas.Now that this is understood lets get to the heart of the matter. Recovery is not about coddling or enabling. IT IS LIFE CHANGING. PERIOD WELCOME to the hardest thing that you will do in YOUR LIFE. Make no mistake, Real recovery is not EASY, it is simple, very simple, Yet you will make it hard, as all before you have. Also let's get this STRAIGHT right off the top. REAL RECOVERY has nothing to do about ALCOHOL and/or Drugs. IT IS about the way you react to life, your perceptions, and YOUR actions. Alcohol and/or Drugs are just a symptom of YOUR disease. Take notice of the word DISEASE - Which in our case translates to ILL AT EASE or simply not at ease, which is the basic nature of our problem and answer to our solution.Back to why I state that this is the hardest thing you will do. I state this because Real Recovery Will challenge everything you know/believe or really what you think you know, Because you really don't know SHIT or you wouldn't need recovery. It will make you face the truth about your biggest problem YOU and YOUR THINKING. You will face the real you not the one we would like to see with all the justifications and rationalizations just the TRUE YOU.REMEMBER GOD DOES NOT CREATE GARBAGE >>>>>>>> If you have a request or enquiry Please Email me at I'd like to add one other thing here for all those who read this Blog. It's something that was taught to me That was invaluable to my recovery My Spiritual Advisor Taught me this. Don't believe a word I say , do not take what I say as the truth just because I say it or anybody else, for that matter. Check it out for yourself. Try it on for size. Investigate , find out for YOURSELF only use what you have read or heard as a reference point. Find the truth out for yourself . This way it is your TRUTH not someone else's. You will also not be believing a lie or untruth if you always check things for yourself . Do not believe everything you are told or read without checking it out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Being Real

That's really what recovery is all about. Getting Real, Getting honest with self. Seeing the truth about self, and doing what’s right. This is really difficult for us and not only us but the whole population. A society as a whole does not readily accept the truth most truths are attacked, and well as for doing what is right just look at the society we are surrounded with. Where dishonesty is praised and rewarded.

Back to the truth most people would rather not face the truth. First of we have all built up defense mechanisms against the truth, per Se denial, rationalization, justification to name a few.

Denial-Don't Even Notice I Am Lying- we are so locked up in whatever we are doing that we can't even see what we are really doing most of the time, haven't really taken a good look at it from a different perspective or are incapable of seeing it because our minds are so befuddled.
Or so lost in what are lives are and have been for so long do not even know any difference. We rationalize and/or justify our actions and behaviours by putting the blame on someone and/or something else, not taking responsibility for our own actions saying well if this hadn't happened or they hadn't done this I wouldn't have done that.

Doing the right thing well, most of us have lived so long doing what we needed to survive that we again justified and/or rationalized everything we knew to be wrong. Even though most of us stopped seeing a lot of our actions as right or wrong they just were and some of it was just everybody else does it. However all this does is belittle ourselves we are putting ourselves down we are making all those lies be truth. The lies that we started to believe like we are no good, you'll never amount to anything' you’re just a___ anyway. We kill our own self-respect and self-image, and this keeps us in our disease. Because those are nothing but lies. And we need to start treating ourselves better if we hope to recover. When we do these things we prostitute our own values we sell ourselves out. We do this because consciously or even sub consciously everyone in there being knows the difference between right and wrong and all human beings deep in their souls or inner self has an idea and concept of God and a similar value system . Sometimes some values are valued higher than others in each individual the rankings are different BUT they are there none the less. Aware of it or not every time you go against your inner self you damage YOU, your self-esteem and your self-image the more you damage it the worse you feel. None of us need a Bill of rights, the 10 commandments or a set of laws because we all know the difference between right wrong. When you get quiet with self-right in your chest you know. Every time you rationalize and/or justify you've crossed your own line. It doesn't matter what other people do or how they live, we do recovery for ourselves and are accountable for ourselves, PERIOD. Every time you sell yourself out. You make your recovery that much harder. We must always do our best to do what's right and what's right in front of us.

That's no to say we don't make mistakes. We are human and part of being human is mistakes. However a mistake is doing something and then realizing I've messed up. In recovery we do whatever it takes to remedy the situation. It does not give us a license to do wrong because it's convenient and I'll remedy it later.
Remember God does not make garbage


  1. I couldn't agree more with you. As humans, we all make mistakes but the more important thing is how we fix the situation. When I finally realized the effect my alcoholism was having on my family, I saw that I had to change. I have been sober for two years now thanks a lot to the help I got from Opening up and being truthful to yourself is the best route to recovery.

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